At SKM Yoga, our primary goal is to provide intense knowledge of yoga to people all over the world. We strongly believe that yoga is not just a physical exercise, but a way of life that brings about holistic well-being. Through our teachings, we aim to educate individuals about the numerous benefits of yoga and its transformative power on the mind, body, and spirit.

Our mission goes beyond just reaching a select few. We are committed to providing knowledge and guidance to every person on this planet, regardless of their geographical location or social status. Our vision is to ensure that no one is left behind when it comes to the benefits and wisdom of yoga.

In addition to physical well-being, SKM Yoga places great emphasis on providing health and spiritual securities to individuals. We believe that these two aspects are interconnected and essential for leading a fulfilling life. Through our teachings, we aim to empower individuals with the necessary tools and practices to maintain good physical health as well as find inner peace and spiritual growth.

We are confident in our ability to fulfill this mission With help of all yoga lovers.


At SKM Yoga, our focus lies in nurturing and empowering yoga teachers. We firmly believe that if we can teach yoga teachers well, they have the power to change millions of lives. This belief forms the foundation of our vision, which is based on the acronym VISION.

V - Value: We strive to provide immense value to our yoga teachers, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to excel in their teaching journey. We believe that by investing in their growth, we can create a ripple effect that positively impacts the lives of countless individuals.

I - Intensity of Teaching: Our commitment to excellence in teaching is unwavering. We aim to instill a sense of passion and dedication in our yoga teachers, ensuring that they deliver impactful and transformative experiences to their students. By promoting intensity in teaching, we inspire our teachers to go above and beyond in their practice and instruction.

S - Spirituality: The integration of spirituality is a crucial aspect of our vision. We understand that yoga is not merely a physical exercise but a holistic journey that encompasses the body, mind, and spirit. By fostering a deep connection with spirituality, we enable our teachers to guide their students towards greater self-awareness, inner peace, and personal growth.

I - Integrity: We strongly believe in upholding the highest standards of integrity in all aspects of our work. Honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct form the bedrock of our interactions, both within our organization and with our yoga teachers. We strive to cultivate an environment where trust and mutual respect flourish.

O - Outcome: Our ultimate goal is to empower our yoga teachers to deliver exceptional outcomes for their students. We measure our success not just by the number of participants in our programs but by the positive impact they create in the lives of those they teach. We aim to produce confident, knowledgeable, and compassionate teachers who can inspire lasting change.

N - Now the Journey Begins: With great excitement, we embark on this journey together. We invite you to join us in our pursuit of transforming lives through yoga education. Together, let us create a community of empowered teachers who will positively impact the world, one student at a time.

Our Values

At SKM Yoga, we take great pride in our directors, each of whom comes from a rich spiritual background. They hail from the sacred city of Varanasi, with a distinguished lineage tracing back to the great sage Vasistha. Their education from the renowned institution of Haridwar further solidifies their commitment to the spiritual path.

The values that guide our approach to yoga are deeply rooted in the Vedic Sanatani system. This ancient wisdom forms the bedrock of our teachings and helps us create a nurturing and transformative environment for our students. Our values are not just words, but principles that we live by and embody in everything we do.

Integrity is the cornerstone of our practice. We believe in upholding the highest ethical standards, ensuring that our teachings are based on authentic and time-tested practices. We strive for honesty, transparency, and sincerity in all our interactions, creating a safe and trusting space for personal growth.

Respect for tradition and lineage is another value that permeates through SKM Yoga. We honor and cherish the wisdom passed down through generations, recognizing the immense value it holds. By embracing our roots, we connect with the source and tap into the limitless potential that lies within each of us.

Community is at the heart of what we do. We foster a sense of belonging, creating a supportive network where individuals can come together to learn, grow, and inspire one another. Our community extends beyond the walls of our studio, as we actively engage in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of society as a whole.

Innovation is a value that complements our deep respect for tradition. We believe in adapting and evolving our practices to suit the needs of our modern world, without compromising the essence of the ancient teachings. By embracing innovation, we ensure that our students receive a well-rounded and comprehensive yoga experience.

These values are the guiding force behind SKM Yoga, and we strive to embody them in every class, workshop, and retreat we offer. We invite you to join our vibrant community and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation.