About Us

The work that our organization has done for the development of yoga in the last 11 years is almost entirely based on the philosophy of yoga and the principles of yoga, we welcome your curiosity to get information about our small world of yoga. Skm yoga is the only brand known for its principles that dedicates the value of yoga and the ethics of yoga to its customers rather than marketing it to yoga. When we started our vision was quite clear whether we will be the best yoga studio in Noida or not but we never break those philosophies on which we are based. Our Journey was never been too easy but meanwhile, now we can say that skm yoga is a leading brand in Noida and we are the best yoga studio in various sectors. Skm yoga is the Best yoga centre acclaimed by the Innovation ranking website. We are providing Corporate yoga classes in Noida, Pre and Postnatal yoga classes in Noida, Yoga Teachers Training in Noida and similarly more than 50 types of yoga classes in Noida.

We always wish that the dream and the reason for which we had to start this venture should always remain. Our organization was created by our illustrious yoga guru Dr Shivam Mishra ji in the year 2011 when he had come from the ancient city of Banaras to the metro city in Noida. After working for a few days, he realized that yoga has only been marketed. Whereas Yoga is known for its value and its actual securities. To make this dream come true, respected Shivam Mishra ji covered the institution named skm yoga. Do many people want to that what is skm yoga? what is the full form of Skm Yoga so the full form of skm yoga is Siddhi Kaivalya Moksha.

Siddhi refers to those qualities of life that a person always keeps with him, there will be no exaggeration if it is called his spiritual earnings. Kaivalya refers to the state that a person has always wanted to achieve or has always been trying to do so knowingly or unknowingly. And Moksha refers to that state when a person understands all his systems and realizes that not all this is only a part, further there is a huge part of human consciousness which we do not know or understand, but this subject The skill of knowing began to encourage us in that direction This yoga institute of ours works as per its name, till date we have never been found involved in any ambiguous types of activities during any class. In the last 11 years, we are still working without a single stain. While our Founder Director Sir has been continuously fighting with various governments for Yoga related issues like the yoga commission, the quality council of India and many more. Respected Sir has held various positions in reputed institutions like Yoga Teachers Association, Akhil Bharati Yoga Teachers Association, Yoga Sports Federation India, Vietnam Yoga Club, Aro Yoga Club Huh. Sir and our team together have established a dimension which makes us stand apart in society.

Still, we are operating skm yoga studios in various locations across the world like Skm Yoga Dubai, Skm Yoga Vietnam, and Skm Yoga Thailand. We are providing yoga classes in more than 20 cities across India to our associated teachers, trainers, and masters.

Once again we would like to welcome you in the world of Skm Yoga. With your support and affection, we will remain the best yoga studio in Noida and Delhi NCR.