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  • Course Duration35 Days

  • Course Fee₹14999

  • LocationNoida,Dubai & Vietnam

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Became a Certified Yoga master

in Association with Yog Sports Federation India , Vietnam Yoga Club & Dubai Yoga Federation . Skm Yoga provide you opportunity to grab 100 Hours Yoga Teachers Training Certificate under supervison of various international yoga masters .

100 Hours Dr Shivam Mishra & Team

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14999 INR /shared
  • Online & Offline
  • 25 - 30 Days
  • 5 Guest Lecture
  • 3 Test Included
  • 2 Assignment
  • 1 International Lecture

100 Hours Manmohan Yadav & Team

starting at

12999 INR /shared
  • Online& Offline
  • 25 -30 Days
  • 3 Guest Lectures
  • 2 tests
  • 2 Assignment
  • 1 International Lecture

100 Hours Dr Chitra Jain & Team

starting at

15999 /shared
  • Online & Offline
  • 30 Days
  • 5 Guest Lectures from China
  • 5 Tests International Standard
  • Free Yoga Mat
  • Free Sound Healing workshop

100 HoursYoga Retreat

starting at

7999 /single
  • Daily Yoga classes
  • Massage One Complimentary
  • Healthy Yogic food
  • Detox juice
  • Free Pickup Delhi airport
  • Free Ayurveda Workshop

100 Hours Yoga Teachers Training

Skm Yoga Provide you Opportunity to understand technical terminology of deep yoga science. During 100 Hours Yoga teachers Training course you can understand Philosophy of Yog with practical exposure , also you can understand Deep Anatomy.

  • 100 Hours Yoga Teachers Training Course Provide you opportunity to became best yoga teacher
  • After Completing this course you will be able to describe yoga philosophy with practical approch
  • This Course includes Astanga Vinaysa and Hatha Yoga Primary seires so that you can enhance your skills

Skm Yoga At a Glance For 100 Hours Yoga Teachers Training

Skm Yoga is one of the prime institution based in Noida and Operating in multiple locations like Lucknow , Delhi, Dubai , Vientam & Thailand .We Provide best yoga teachers training in Noida as till now we distributed more than 1000 certificates to our Students across world.

  • 100 Hours Teachers Trainig is one of the Prime Course of Skm Yoga
  • We Provide Custmized SYllabus for 100 Hours Yoga Teachers Training
  • We Provide Practical Exposure for Anatomy that make us different in Yoga Teachers Training school in India

3 Days Retreats

Skm Yoga Provide various kinds of the yoga retreat program. 3 days yoga retreat program is one of the highly demanding yoga retreat programs in Noida and Delhi. 3 Days yoga retreat program is especially for working people or students. During 3 Days yoga retreat program we visit various places like Rishikesh yoga retreat program, Shimla Yoga retreat Program, Haridwar Yoga retreat Program, Ujjain Yoga Retreat Program, Lucknow Yoga Retreat Program, Jaipur Yoga Retreat Program etc.


Skm Yoga provides various kinds of retreat programs. We provide best yoga retreat programs in Noida and Delhi. We believe that yoga is a lifelong journey and attending a retreat program is a program for your soul. We provide various kinds of retreat programs across various cities in India like the Yoga Retreat program in Noida and the Yoga Retreat Program in Delhi. Yoga Retreat program in Uttar Pradesh, Yoga Retreat program in Haryana, Yoga Retreat Program in Punjab, and Yoga retreat program in Himachal Pradesh. 3 Days yoga retreat program in Indore, 3 Days yoga retreat program in Rishikesh, 7 Days yoga retreat in Varanasi, 7 Days yoga retreat in Haridwar, 7 Days yoga retreat in Dehradoon, 7 days yoga retreat in Shimla, 7 Days yoga retreat in Delhi, 7 Days Yoga Retreat in Himachal Pradesh, 7 Days yoga retreat in Uttrakhand, also we provide 10 Days Yoga retreat program in Rishikesh, 10 Days yoga retreat program in Varanasi. We provide all retreat programs from Delhi and Noida. So if you want to join the yoga retreat program in Delhi and Noida so feel free to join skm yoga retreat programs.

Why Yoga Retreat

Skm Yoga Provides you best experience of your life as a spiritual Journey. There are many kinds of yoga retreat programs across the globe but skm yoga provides you with a different experience.

  • 1. We are associated with various Ashrams across India .
  • 2. We provide you Yogic and Sattvic Diet.
  • 3. Each Day Program is Systematically designed.
  • 4. Special Yoga Acharya and Spiritual Guru will Lead the whole Journey.
  • 5. Post Completion of the Journey we will provide a certificate of retreat.

Fare and Fees For Yoga Retreat Program

Skm Yoga is one of the single brands in the yogic field that charge nothing while yoga retreats you are requested to pay only fares and ashram fees which we will pay at the ashram or while booking your seat. We have multiple options for starting our journeys like Tempo travellers, Cars, Buses, Train or Air transports like Airplane or helicopter. If we travel near 1000 Km of Delhi so expected fare will be 3k INR per head it will cover both up and down similarly we travel near 500 km so it will be approx. 1500 INR per head. If We travel more than 1000 Km Like a Yoga retreat for Indore or a Yoga retreat in south India from Noida so it will depend on the train fare.

Food & Lodging for Yoga Retreat Program

Food & Lodging for Yoga Retreat Program Skm yoga Provides only a Sattvic diet during any retreat program. We Eat Only Pure Vegetarian food and we believe that each attendee will eat only vegetarian food during the retreat. Sometimes we eat food outside the ashram during travel due to the non-availability of any ashram, So each attendee is requested to cooperate and eat that food. We are associated with various Ashrams in Various Locations across India. You can request the list of ashrams associated with Skm Yoga.

Dressing Sense for Yoga Retreat Program

You all are requested to wear or take only proper Indian attire and genuine dresses so that we can find Indian culture in our ideology and implement in our lifestyle. Wearing not torn jeans is on but we will prefer Kurta Pyjama, Shirt paints, Saree, Suit Salwar and genuine T-shirts and jeans.

Baggage & Grooming

We Request you to take only 5 to 10 kg baggage while the spiritual journey. Unnecessary Excess Baggage will put you in trouble. Try to Take only Dresses, Headphones, Comb, Soap, Indian Attire and a blanket. Also, you are requested to take proper shoes and slippers.

We request you ….

We know that a yoga retreat is your super exciting journey and one of the best memorable journeys of your life. Make sure that this journey became only memorable, we request you that don’t make it bad memory of your life with your unnecessary activities and behaviour. The journey is a process of life, many good or bad things will happen in this life but we never blame our life similarly this yoga retreat journey will enable you to live your life as part of your life. Try to Involve yourself in spirituality one thing we want to share with you is that any kind of accident or any kind of mishappening with you will demoralise millions of yoga students, any activity which is not good for you and for your team, don’t do that. Skm Yoga is not responsible for any mishappening we don’t take any liability we can just guide you to travel. Any Retreat program is just a spiritual journey we don’t charge any money so we request to make the dignity of a yoga journey.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions for Yoga Retreat )

What is Yoga Retreat

Yoga Retreat is a group journey to various destinations across India and out of India for yoga seekers, students and teachers. We Find any spiritual place and took yoga seekers to that place. After arriving at the destination we take a rest then the next morning we start various programs like yoga practical classes, meditation, trekking and many more things.

Who can do a yoga retreat

Anyone can join a yoga retreat. However, we prefer those persons who is not suffering from any critical diseases.

Why skm yoga for a retreat?

Skm Yoga has huge experience in providing retreat services in India. We regularly go for spiritual journeys. We Don’t charge any amount for skm yoga, we charge only for tickets, stay and food. You can also pay that amount to all vendors.

Why yoga retreat is important?

Yoga Retreat Enables you to understand how yoga is spiritual. You can find prana Urja while meditating in an absolute great environment.

I want to join a yoga retreat with my child.

You can join a yoga retreat with your child but you are solely responsible for your child. Usually, we don’t prefer kids but for yoga, we believe that yoga should pass in the next generations.

I want to join a yoga retreat directly at my destination.

Yes, You can join our yoga retreat directly at the proposed destinations. But we request you to join at a given time and stay connected with the director of the journey.

I don’t want to pay skm yoga I will directly pay and book my tickets.

You are not requested to pay for skm yoga you can pay directly to given destinations and you can book your tickets too but we encourage you to follow the team ethics and rules.

I want to join a yoga retreat with my family.

We believe that yoga is a clear definition of Adding. You can add your family members to the yoga retreat but you have to pay separately for each other.

I want to travel by my own vehicle.

Yes you can travel with your vehicle, but you are solely responsible for your vehicle.

Any Discount policy is there for yoga retreats?

We don’t charge any amount so you can directly ask all service providers if they allow then

How many people can join yoga retreat in one time?

Usually, we prefer 20 people in a batch.

Who will be our Guide during a yoga retreat?

It Depends on the availability of masters and leaders.

3 Days Retreats